Flooring and background setting for Retractable Banner

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There are two main floor, permanent and temporary retractable banner. Hardwood, cement or tile floors of the permanent members of the general structure. Temporary ground, floor mats, carpets, cloth, imitation grass and other materials to the retractable banner image as the appearance of the finished product.

Rarely need a permanent member of the floor, said, because they are an integral part of the retractable banner design and build storage front put. They are, of course, should comply with the storage, the storage front-end design and merchandise to display characters. When the floor of the permanent members do not lit with retractable banner stand theme, temporary flooring is necessary.


Floor mats, carpets or special coverage may be added to a particular room scene. They can be co-ordinated with the furniture, curtains, or any other goods are retractable banner paper mills. Pictures the retractable banner will need temporary flooring materials. Crude board of directors of a hunting scene pictures hunter in his hut, the floor must be analog cabin floor.

Tennis scene called for laying out a hypothetical court. Sand shower scene. With many kinds of materials can be temporary floor can be put on the fast and a little effort. Here again Jiujia with the endless variety of colored stones in different colors, wood shavings, grass sand retractable banner Standman housing retractable banner stand pad fabric from burlap to gorgeous forest, and many types of paper.

The original purpose of the background is a to attach retractable banner in order to keep out the flies, dust and dirt. It later became apparent background can improve the retractable banner stand. It was found that the scene painting them as the foundation based on a canvas or other material may be stretched especially adaptable.

Ornate or simple background soon be regarded as successful retractable banner stand in one of the most valuable assets. It is the retractable banner Standman genius and art background temptation to produce scenic picture ideas much, and play a lot of decorative effects may. Because the background remains merchandise and harmony, which is good.

However, the sales philosophy must remain, first and foremost. There is little excuse for elaborate retractable banner stand, annually attracting attention to themselves as retractable banner stand, but it does not emphasize the desirability of selling products.

Background should almost always be subject to the inherent commodity sales philosophy. This abnormal Although some occasions, such as storage anniversaries and special events, In the interests of storage prestige, may wish to events on the front desk, and a low-key, or even ignored, and marketing functions.

The three types of background in retractable banner stand: permanent, semipermanent and temporary. Permanent background is the the banner built-in storage when the back of a retractable banner erected or refurbished. They are usually from hardwood such as mahogany, walnut and oak, and the occasional cherry varieties.

For less expensive retractable banners, painted in neutral colors, soft wood is very practical. A Caen stone cement processing is similar to a stone, very popular, but often see it less today. For many years it has been to fashion permanent hardwood background and even painted cork background, different stages after custom design.

The design of these periods may always be retained to some extent the United States due to their own. Some of the new store, but is along the line of modern art and design has been modified hardwood background. Whether or not this stylish modern pattern to the last one, it must be admitted that quite striking results obtained from them.

Cereals and mode of natural forest into a pleasant design work. For permanent background should be careful so as not to make the design too rigid and severe, can not say that the treatment of modernism has reached a steady state. Despite its severity, but modern back in no way detract from the full value of the Product. It is always possible to replace this back - ground with temporary or neighbor installer.