Installation of retractable banner stands

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Neighbor's background is often wallboard because it is very easy to handle. It cuts does not split the case, it can be sawn in any desired shape. Attached to the support frame of light wood is very satisfactory. This type of construction with many different effects by the application of a variety of coatings. For example, you can create plastic paint painting effect.

Papier-mache also proved the adaptability as background. The neighbors the background often published production conspicuous display during the holidays and institutional and other special events. They are particularly suitable when the entire store depicts the opening of the spring and fall, seasonal themes and topics or show to be retained for a period of time.

Blog is becoming an effective cheap media that replace retractable banner

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With the increasing popularity of blogs, the real break whatever, has a group of loyal readers, advertisers or public relations firm desperately wants to win over the objective, by of their Yihubainuo influence, plus brand points, reaching the final purpose of the sales that is cheaper than retractable banner promotion.

Of course, these star bloggers just founded the blog, never thought about one day vendors will find on them to provide product trial or invitation to write the form to discuss the possibility of cooperation.

Lady Nana "in the the blog community" - Su Chen-side mentioned that she first phase of this started from the network, until the beginning of the blog writing life experiences, she found she had read some readers will be interested movie or book interested, even her at midnight and boyfriend stroke, readers will also be used to reference.

Her audience age now covers 13 to 55 years old, has 36,000 to 60,000 daily visitors. Popularity accumulated to a certain amount of sound, advertisers or public relations firm when her door, so willing to try the product, "the solicitation text slowly in her message boards. The full 3C scientific articles in Notepad ", bloggers Dominic Lam also said, initially he felt very excited, actually vendor approval and appreciation own blog.

Flooring and background setting for Retractable Banner

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There are two main floor, permanent and temporary retractable banner. Hardwood, cement or tile floors of the permanent members of the general structure. Temporary ground, floor mats, carpets, cloth, imitation grass and other materials to the retractable banner image as the appearance of the finished product.

Rarely need a permanent member of the floor, said, because they are an integral part of the retractable banner design and build storage front put. They are, of course, should comply with the storage, the storage front-end design and merchandise to display characters. When the floor of the permanent members do not lit with retractable banner stand theme, temporary flooring is necessary.